My Life



My life is a mash-up of all things associated to fitness, scrapbooking, letter writing, art journaling, makeup and holistic therapies.

Holistic Therapies

Being a Taurus, I love all the good things in life, including things that pampers the mind, body and soul.

Free Spa Trial? I’m there for sure!

I suppose you can say that I was influenced by my cousin, who is a fantastic massage therapist and Reiki Master (Check out her blog: She was the one who introduced me to aromatherapy, crystal therapy and of course, attuned me for my Level 1 Reiki. She brought me to my first Love & Light Holistic Fair and I embraced the world of tarot card readings, auras, chakras and Louise Hay. The book You Can Heal Your Life explained a lot on my ailments and was a great follow up to Sean Convey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, which I read more than 10 years ago. And so, from healing my mind and soul, I stumble upon Yoga. A way for me to heal my body.


I have been practising yoga for about 2 years now, but not as regularly as I would like to. But this year, I have decided that I will start practising twice a week. As soon as I have enough to get myself another class pack. I practise at Yoga Movement. A beautiful indie studio located at Carpenter Street and Tanjong Pagar. I frequent the Carpenter Street studio as I feel more comfortable there. Sometimes I go for outdoor yoga classes held by yoga teachers in-training. Most of them are either friends or acquaintances. I have my mind set on being a yoga instructor too, but I’m going to focus my funds on the wedding first.

Apart from doing yoga, I also go to the gym regularly. It started when I got engaged about a year ago. I was never an active child, nor was I an active adult. Haha! But I was slowly putting on the pounds and I could no longer where my skinny jeans and my pretty dresses and I was really bummed. I could not afford a whole new wardrobe for my pudgy-self so I decided that I need to lose or I will end up with nothing to wear. I started slowly, with simply running/jogging 5km 2-3 times a week. But I was still not losing as I was happily binge-ing away. So I did my research and discovered Clean Eating. I cut down on my sugar and salt intake, I stopped eating fastfoods (they’re not actual food anyways) and I stick to good ‘ol H2O. I increase my fruits and veggies intake. At the beginning, I felt really sick and weak as my body started flushing all the piled up toxins in my body. I had frequents headaches and kept going to the toilet. I was craving sugar badly even after allowing myself just one chocolate bar a week. I didn’t consult a physician about it cuz I believe in holistic treatments more. I simply reiki myself as much as I can, meditate and rest. I pushed through, I kept drinking my H2O and eating my fruits and soon enough I was feeling much better. I still wasn’t losing any weight but I was feeling stronger and healthier and had more energy. And that was when I started hitting the gym. I find running on the treadmill was so much more rewarding (simply cuz you have to keep running or else you would fall off) and lifting those weights made me feel to badass, I just had to keep coming back. It’s been 6 months now since I first stepped into the gym. the number on the scale hasn’t changed much but my muscles are toned, I have biceps now, my waist shrunk (I can wear my skinny jeans now!) and I went down from a size 12 to a size 8. My goal for this year is to go down to a size 6, and also to  go for the Basic Sports Science Certification.


I suppose you can say that Makeup was my first love. My mum was a bridal makeup artist back in the 80s and she was good at it. I graduated from Cosmoprof Academy in 2009 with a Diploma in Makeup Artistry and I was part of the makeup team for Sentosa’s Spooktacular for 3 years running. I love messing around with colours and blood. So, yes, I prefer doing SFX and Face/Body Painting rather than beauty makeup. I never did go into makeup full-time due to some complicated reasons but I enjoy doing it on a freelance basis. I also love doing photoshoots with my photographer/model friends.

Letter Writing

I started penpalling close to 3 years ago. I found this website call Interpals and had about 10 penpals. Unfortunately I’m only writing to one of them now. But along the way, I was blessed with the chance to get to know more ladies who are in the habit of writing letters on Instagram. I never knew that there was a huge community for penpal-ers and postcross-ers on IG. Now I have over 25 penpals and some of them are very, very good friends of mine.

Scrapbooking/Art Journalling

I suppose these two comes hand-in-hand. I was introduced to scrapbooking one fine day when I was jobless, aimlessly walking around Vivocity. Papermarket was conducting classed for newbies so I decided to try it out. Then I was hooked. From being a regular customer, I became a staff, and I was extremely blessed to be exposed to the world of die-cuts, mixed mediums, distress inks and embellishments. I was surrounded by such creative talents, and was challenged on a daily basis. Even though I was with the store for only 9 months, my love for scrapbooking/art journaling will go on, much to my mum’s dismay, cuz of the mess it creates. =P


So there you go, a lengthy introduction to my life so far. I hope you enjoy this post and many other posts to come. Thank you for dropping by!

Namaste, Love & Light and Blessed be!~


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