Project Life 2014

This year, I have decided to start on Project Life. I have never done this before and call me a commitment-phobe, but I have never been good in keeping up with such projects. I would usually procrastinate and missed the deadline, and would be too lazy to catch up. I have a few other projects in-hand that would help me to focus on my commitments, like the #52weeksmoneychallenge as well as keeping tabs on my daily calories.

Anyways, before I left Papermarket, I bought WRMK’s 8.5 x 11 ring album and had only started filling it in on New Year’s Eve. Would have been good if I had started doing the layouts way before that but…typical me, procrastinate and all.

I have managed to fill up a couple of pages now, those I put under Best of 2013. I figured since I didn’t do any PL for last year, it would be nice to include a few milestones for the album. Makes a good introduction for the album too.

I will post as many pictures as I can, but for now, these are the only ones I have.


wk1 wk2 best2013 best2013_2


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