Not exactly a sweet treat… – The Rant of a Potential Bride

I was having a conversation with a girlfriend of mine yesterday. She is getting ready for her engagement in March, and for those of you who do not know, a Malay engagement is similar to a Malay wedding. Only smaller.

Anyways, we were discussing wedding cakes. She asked me if I have found a baker for myself (yes, I have) and she named a few local bakers that she’s interested in. Having gone through the stress of looking for a baker, I obviously find some of the names she mentioned familiar. She was gushing over their works and I have to agree, their portfolio really does look awesome. But unfortunately, not their work ethics. I didn’t want to mention it to her because for one thing, I wanted her to find out on her own. And another reason was because I don’t want to be the one to be giving out bad reviews about these bakers. (It’s bad juju.) But when she probed me further as to why I didn’t approach them to do my wedding cake, I just had to tell her.

They didn’t reply my enquiries.

It was a simple as that.

And I wasn’t lying. I contacted them via Facebook Message, Whatsapp, Email and even text. Some of them had only one means of contact, which I had tried numerous times but to no avail. There were two bakers who were nice enough to reply my enquiries via email but when I told them what I wanted, they couldn’t come up with an immediate quotation. So they made me wait for 2 weeks before giving me a quotation. But that was only because I pestered them for a reply.

Now, I know what I wanted for my cake is a little unique and slightly unorthodox. For starters, it’s a topsy-turvy cake. Not many local bakers does that. Those who were wiling to take the challenge changed their mind when I showed them a picture that inspired the cake. And of course when they changed their minds, they didn’t have the decency to tell me about it. They simply ceased contact of any kind. One baker, I managed to chat with via Facebook. We even went as far as discussing which of the tiers are going to be rea cake and which is going to be a dummy. We discussed flavors and when I mentioned cake tasting, she said she will get back to me with a date. 3 weeks later….no update. So I made the effort to remind her of the cake tasting. Again, she said she would arrange something for me. Another 3 weeks and still no update. So I gave up and moved on to another baker. Yes, you can say, “Why the fuss since you didn’t put down any deposit?” Well, the thing is, luckily I didn’t. Its all about the principle. I mean, you’re a business person for goodness sake. So what if you’re doing this freelance? So what if you’re working from home? It is still a business, is it not? How do you expect your business to strive with this kind of attitude?

One baker I suppose is a classic. She had been featured in numerous publications, doing cakes for local celebrities and expats. She was highly recommended to me by a friend. Her works are really breath-taking. Absolutely divine. But I was really skeptical when I realise she only had one means of contact; email. So, emailed her I did. And waited I did, for her reply. Needless to say that I didn’t hear back from her. After much whining to friends and families alike, I found out that this particular baker usually chooses her by recommendations….among celebrities only.

I honestly have nothing to say to that. Like, seriously? Damn.


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