Holistic Beauty

When I first got engaged, like any wannabe bride, I dived into the whole planning process. I spent hours and hours on the internet looking for decorators and caterers and bridal houses. It was during that research that I came across a blog of a potential bride. She’s a Singaporean Malay, like me, so I suppose her blog would be worth the check. Which I did and she had some great insights, tips and advices, but there was one post that I remembered clearly.

She was actually talking about one of her weaker moments as a stressed-wannabe-bride-who-is-dealing-with-everything-herself (I understand her woes), and how the pressure was taking a toll on her. With the lack of proper rest and constant revising and researching and planning, she was slowly starting to look haggard and having break outs, and with the wedding just around the corner, she panicked. I suppose you could say that she succumbed to those mass advertising from one of those beauty salon. Without thinking, she simply went in and sign for a package worth over a thousand dollars. Of course when she finally came out of her daze, she cried and received a proper tongue lashing from her (then) fiancee. She didn’t manage to get a full refund when she returned to the salon but they downsized her package and returned her some of the money. Lesson learnt, I suppose, not only for her, but also for me.

You can say that I am currently in her position, with the wedding only 8 months away. My face has been having breakouts since last year but I never really cared about it, thinking that I still have enough time to actually do something about it. And then I started working out regularly and the breakouts are getting worse. Well, I don’t exactly get really horrible acne but my skin is all dried out and there are tiny bumps all over (whiteheads, blackheads, etc) and I just look sick all the time. I had decided that enough is enough, I have to do something before its too late. I didn’t even bother going to the stores to check out the latest beauty products (almost all of them are full of chemicals anyways), instead I went straight to my dear cousin, Mama Bear. I suppose this is the great thing about having a holistic therapist for a cousin. I told her of my woes and within a week, she created two products customised specially for my skin.


One is the mud mask, to be used once a week and the other is the facial elixir to be used after a scrub. (I told her that I don’t have a facial scrub too so she’s gonna make me one, wheee!) I’ve only used the mask twice so far and the elixir twice a week and I absolutely love it! It’s filled with such delicious aromas and the goodness of such wonderful essential oils, I simply drift off to sleep blissfully as the elixir works its wonders on my skin. I can feel the difference when I wake up in the morning. My skin is softer and bouncier. I am going to keep using these products and I can’t wait to see the results on my wedding day.

If you would like to get something customised specially for you, contact her at theholistictherapist@yahoo.com. Alternatively, you can also drop by her Facebook Page. It’s ok if you’re not sure what you need, just tell her your woes and she would be able to come up with something heavenly for you. =)


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