My tribute to Yoga

When I first started doing yoga, it was all thanks to an ex-colleague of mine. She does hot yoga regularly and she’s always effusive about it and its weight loss and detoxifying benefits. She keeps saying how much she perspire in class and it always makes her feel energised and alert in class and helps her sleep well at night. I suppose that kinda sold me. As an insomniac, I’ve tried almost everything to help me sleep; herbal teas, soothing music, meditations, etc. Sometimes they help, sometimes they don’t. I refuse to see the doctor however, because I know what they would give me (they’ve given me before) and I don’t want to be dependent on drugs.

Anyways, I bought a book on yoga that comes with a DVD. I read through and followed along to the instructional video. I researched on the internet and absorbed as much as I could about yoga. My research led me to numerous questions that my ex-colleague was not able to answer so that’s when I decided that I should go to a proper class. Not only would there be someone to answer my questions, but there would also be some to take a look at my poses. And of course, nothing beats looking at yourself in a big-ass mirror. =)

I was lucky enough that Groupon was having an offer during that time for yoga class at Platinum Yoga. It was much too far away from my house but, I figured it was only for a few trial sessions so why not? I did my first Bikram Yoga and I swear I thought I was going to pass out. Hahaha! But I don’t remember perspiring so much. And it really did feel good. 3 sessions in and I was absolutely hooked to the heated room. The instructors are friendly too and are always ready to answer questions. I really enjoyed my time there but unfortunately, I was not able to get a package from them because of the distance from my house. So I was on the hunt for a yoga studio closer to home, and also one that doesn’t burn a hole through my pocket. That was when I stumbled upon Yoga with Yun. She used to conduct morning classes at the Botanical Gardens (which I could never get up early enough to make it), and through her, I found out about Yoga Movement, a quaint little studio on Carpenter Street that gives out a very indie vibe. I didn’t think twice about signing up with them after seeing their price packages, and thus begins my obsession with yoga.

Two years on and the obsession is still going strong. Although I am currently not practising it as regularly as I would like to (I give myself all sorts of ridiculous excuses from not having a proper mat to practise at home to not having the time as I spend most times at the gym), I am happy with what yoga has taught me and I carry it with me everywhere I go. Yoga creates awareness. It has taught me a lot about my body and its capabilities. Yoga has taught me on how to be more aware of my postures and how to listen to by body. It has taught me that my body is not just a vessel to my soul. Every yoga session is like a bonding session with my body. It teaches me to be patient with myself (when I’m learning new poses), and to be forgiving (when I fail to do a certain pose) to myself. It teaches me to love myself and to exist in the here and now.

Different people has different translation and purpose on yoga and why they practice it. I can’t tell you how much it has benefited me, not only physically but also spiritually. Over the years, I have done classes with other studios, Anahata Yoga Singapore and Sadhana Sanctuary just to mention a few, but I still find myself favoring YM. Maybe its because of the people that I’ve met there (one of them being Janna Shukor, a recently certified yoga instructor currently teaching at the newly opened Yoga Inc and was induced as Team Climb Asia‘s first PrAna Ambassador), the super friendly and equally crazy staff and instructors and just the overall vibe. I can’t wait to renew my package with them and restart my practice. Until then, I shall be contented with simply working out at the gym.

Until then, Love + Light, Blessings to you…~


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