Fitness Feature Monday: @Radzmaniac

Last week, I went on the hunt on Instagram. I was looking for inspirational individuals to feature on my fitness section. There has been numerous nominations but one stood out. Her name is Radhiah.

20131027_121815Name: Radhiah Binte Zulkifli
Age: 26 this year
Occupation: Promotions Producer (TV) / Freelance Herbalife Coach
Year/s Active: 3 months of working out

Back in November 2013, Radhiah weighed 61.9kg. By January 2014, she had lost 3.4kg in body weight and her body fats went down from 29.5% to 25.7%

As a Herbalife coach, she has been helping people to lose weight since 2012. Having been on Herbalife herself since then, she has always been conscious about her weight.

Having a 6-pack abs has always been a dream of hers ever since her secondary and tertiary years but due to other commitments and financial constraints, she was unable to achieve that dream. Until recently did she decide to stop procrastinating and get in shape, because she realized that she was only a year away from her wedding.

Her fiancé, who is active in Muay Thai, influenced her into being active. They often jog and hit the gym together but Radhiah realises soon enough that she would need to do more to achieve her goal of owning a 6-pack. She received a complimentary trial at California Fitness Gym, courtesy of her bestfriend and that was when her fitness journey began. Since then, she has not looked back and is constantly looking for creative ways to eat clean and lose body fats.

Radhiah      Radhiah2

What are your workouts/diet like?

I work out 3-4 times a week at California Fitness and also attends the classes available particularly Le Mils BodyPump, BodyCombat, ABT (Abs, Butt, Thighs) and CXwork & Bodypump.

On days that I’m not in the gym, I do abs workout like In/Out, Bicycle Crunches, Burpees, Leg Raises, Abs Twist and weight training at home by following videos on YouTube.

Breakfast & Dinner
– Herbalife shakes + Personalized Protein Powder

– Half a container of boiled veggies like broccoli, asparagus, baby carrots,
– 1/4 container of boiled sweet potatoes
– 1/4 of baked/boiled chicken breasts

– Fruits or digestive biscuits

3 litres water daily.

Are you active in any other activities?
Being dedicated to my goal leaves me little time for other activities but to compensate, I focus on doing other things that I love like doing prep meals. I also take in requests from my customers and do prep meals for them.

What are your other interest/s other than fitness & health?
I am a lover of music, movies and video games.

Being a woman of fitness, what is the most common misconception you get from people?
People tend to not understand the reason why I train so hard, and why I eat the way I do, because to them I’m already pretty slim. But what they don’t see are the excess fats around my mid-section and my thighs. It’s something that I would like to get rid of and even though I have made much progress (I can see my 6-pack slowly forming), I know that I still have a long way to go.

One misconception that most people have is that weight training should be done only by men, because women would lose their femininity when they start gaining muscles as big as the hulk. But that is not true. Our muscles are not developed to grow that big. Women train to look toned, in order to look sexy!

Any tips/advices for those starting out?
Losing weight or toning up is never an easy process. Therefore, for those starting out, go easy on yourself if you’re afraid that you won’t be able to take it. Then, slowly increase the frequency of your workouts as your body gets stronger. There will be days when you will feel unmotivated, but keep your goal in. Once you start seeing results, you will definitely feel motivated to keep going!! The most important part is to always look forward to your goal!! This is a lifestyle change, therefore, once you get started, there is no turning back, unless you want to throw your efforts of working out, down the drain. It’s 80% Nutrition and 20% exercise!! To keep you healthy and fit! 🙂

Follow Radhiah on Instagram or check out her fitness journey at #RadzFitChallenge. Hope you enjoyed this week’s feature. Stay tuned for next week’s feature and if there’s someone that you would like me to feature, drop me an email 


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