How I started healthy living…

Those who knows me would know that I have never been an active person. Growing up, I was always pudgier than the rest of my cousins and it doesn’t help that I was built bigger than any other kids my age. I hated any kind of exercise because I was not a runner (still not), I get stitches and breathless easily. And my legs would ache so badly for days. I only started running regularly (once a week) when I was in tertiary school, but that was only because I was forced to do so during Phys Ed. Well, the teacher was nice enough to let me run at my own pace and he would run behind me so that I wouldn’t slack too much. I was also in Drama Club at that time so my love for performing overshadowed my hatred for any kind of physical activities. Hahaha… Any kind of physical activities took the backseat when I started working. It wasn’t until I was performing again at Sentosa that I had no choice BUT to be active. But that really didn’t help with the weight loss because it seems like the more calories I burn during performance, the more I eat after that. So how did I start on this fitness/health journey? It was after I read an article on fast foods, MacDonald’s to be exact. Have you ever notice how your cheeseburgers never go bad, even after it’s been on the counter top for over 24hrs? How is that possible?


That’s because its not organic. Simply put it, it’s NOT actual food. It’s a cocktail of chemicals and preservatives, and some of the ingredients are used in pesticides!

So, this alone was enough to get me off fast foods for good, especially burgers. After about 2 months of no fast foods, I noticed myself being more alert and not as sluggish. I felt more energetic as well. And so that was the beginnings of my healthy food journey.

I did more research on this and I discovered Clean Eating. CE is NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle. And it’s not as complicated as a lot of people think it is. It’s basically simply making the right choices, the healthier choice.

Have frozen fruit smoothies instead of soft drinks.
Have water instead of diet sodas.
Lightly sauteed instead of frying.
Try baking or steaming.
Eat more veggies.
Eat fresh instead of frozen.

The closer the food is to its natural state, the better. But that doesn’t mean that you have to eat it raw. (Although some people swears by Raw Foods once in a while.) For example, its good to have broccoli but if its covered with butter, cheese, breadcrumbs and then baked for 45mins casserole-style, then it loses its nutritional value.

Eating clean gives me the energy that I need. I don’t get tired easily, I have more energy and I wake up fresh and alert. When I have more energy in the day time, I manage to complete all my tasks for the day without having to stay up late. Which is great because I would have more time to sleep. And having enough sleep is another step to healthy living.


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