Blogging Inspirations

I believe that inspirations can be found anywhere and everywhere, it all depends on what you’re willing to see and what you’re looking for. I would be lying to say that starting this blog is an original idea. I have always wanted to blog about things that would inspire, influence and make a difference just like how these blogs had done for me. So here’s a shout-out to those who came before me. Thank you! xoxo

• {this is glamorous} •
this-is-glamorousListed as one of The London Times’ 50 of the World’s Best Design Blogs, This Is Glamorous features an array of articles including design, fashion, travel & the daily search for beautiful things. I love looking at their Travel page – they post pictures of dreamy and exotic locations.

• Everything Fabulous •
button This was the blog that changed everything for me. It was the first ever lifestyle blog that I had ever followed and each time I’m at the homepage, I feel happy. This blog reminds me of why I love movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady.

That IT •
cropped-That-IT-Girl-Header1A makeup & fashion blog that also features strong women of music, fashion and business. And I suppose best part about this blog is the giveaways! (Happy dance….) I haven’t been following this blog for long but I’m looking forward to seeing more posts by Maisha (owner & editor).

Darling Magazine •
darling-logo-retina-900What attracted me the most to this blog is it’s tagline. Coincidentally, when I found this blog / online magazine, I was reading a book of a similar title written by Patricia Volk. This site embodies all the qualities that I inspire my blog to be.

The Glamorous Housewife •
cropped-tgh1Now you might think that this blog is of a totally different context but actually its not. This is one of my most favorite blog. When I first got engaged (about 2 years ago – now already married), I asked myself, “What kind of wife do I wish to be?”. I’ve always known that I wanted to work from home, so I suppose that would also make me a housewife. But I refuse to believe that I would the only way to be a housewife is to wake up at the break of dawn, get breakfast ready, do chores all day and end up tired in bed dressed in nothing but t-shirt and sweats. This blog gave me hope, not only telling me but also showing me that it’s possible to work from home, be a successful housewife and also be glamorous.

So there you go, my inspirations for the birth of this blog. Go ahead and visit those blogs, take a look around and say ‘Hi!’. I hope they inspire you as much as they did for me. And if there are similar blogs that you would like to share, go ahead and post the links in the comment section.


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