It’s all about the skin…

In my previous post, I mentioned how important it was to moisturize and also the difference between dry and oily skin. This time I would like to go a little in depth on the topic.

As mentioned before, there are 4 different types of skin – dry, oily, normal & combination.

Dry skin has under-active sebum glands while oily skin has over-active sebum glands. Dry skin tend to look flaky and peeled and sometimes have that over stretched feeling after washing. As for oily skin, it’s the shine. With the over-active sebum glands, your skin will be shining even when you’re indoors.

Those with normal skin are often considered the lucky ones to have glands that produces the right amount of sebum. But because of hormones and also external factors like the weather, normal skin can also go through periods of dryness or over-active sebum glands. Although, the results are not as extreme and acne is rarely an issue.

As for combination skin, there are areas of the face that is oilier than other areas – particularly the forehead, nose and chin – while there are areas that is quite dry – like the cheeks. Combination skin needs to look for skin care that’s specially designed for them and might probably need to pay more attention on the areas that I mentioned.

It might seem a little complicated and troublesome to take note of such matters (which some people consider as trivial), but it’s actually not. As long as you make it a habit to keep your skin clean (with the right cleanser – which I will talk about in my other post) and of course, moisturize and eat healthily regularly, eventually it will all be like clockwork.

If you have any questions or anything else about this, feel free to comment and I will reply you as best as I can. Until then, take care lovelies!

UPDATED: For a full analysis of your skin type, check out this site!


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