My Skin Care Products

Hello my lovelies!

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Mine was pretty eventful. I had dinner with my husband and his family on Friday to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. I went over to my mum’s on Saturday and met up with a girlfriend on Sunday. It feels so good to be out and about and not worry so much about an early curfew. I’m so done with confinement. Hurray!

I have never been a believer in lying about one’s age. Even when I was a teenager, I never wanted to be older. I never lied about being older. I was proud to be underage, to be the youngest in the group, even though I was often mistaken to be at least 2 years older than I really am. Now that I am older, I never lied about being younger. I just don’t see the point. I’m proud to have the number of years under my belt. It shows how much I have lived. But every time when I tell my age, people always look at me doubtfully. Ironically, now they think I’m younger than I really am. and I’m really flattered and humbled, and I thank my parents and my late grandmother for the youthful genes.

Some say my dressing makes me look youthful, some say it’s my interests and the way I act. Others claimed its my skin and they ask me for my secret. I have none, really, apart from eating right and staying hydrated. But if skincare is what they’re referring to, then I would have to give compliments to my homemade skincare products. Homemade not by me, but by Holistic Isranfi. From facial scrubs to cleansers to treatment oils, its all created by the wonderful Good Witch, Wati Ismail.

Using only all natural products and essential oils, her magic hands whip up concoctions of amazingly scented lotions and whatnots to pamper your skin. Gentle to use on a daily basis, I can’t resist but to have them as part of my skincare regime. And the best thing is, all products are cruelty-free and only tested on family and friends!


I can tell you honestly that ever since I started using these products, I hardly ever uses any other brands. Except for facial wash, but that is only because Holistic Isranfi is yet to come up with any soap products. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed though!

Holistic Isranfi also has other products for your home like diffuser oils and insect repellents as well as balms for insect bites, burns and cough. If you would like something a little more personal, just let Wati know and she would be happy to create something specially for you.

Until then lovelies!

Holistic Isranfi will be having a booth at the MWM Ladies’ Tea Party at PKMS Building on 9th January, pm – 6pm. Tickets are available here.


Moisturizer – How do I choose?

It’s easy to get confused and lost when it comes to choosing the right product for yourself. And it doesn’t help when there’s just too many in the market right now. The leading brands would use all kinds of gimmicks in their commercials to promote their products. So how do you choose?

Well, these are the steps that I take when choosing a moisturizer for myself. Firstly, it HAS TO BE Cruelty-Free or Vegan, and keeping that in mind, I make a list of all available CF/Vegan brands in Singapore (and it’s actually a pretty short list so it’s not that difficult to remember) and also my budget. Considering that I already know my skin type (combination), its much easier to find what is right for my skin.

I always tend to go for something that is water-based rather than oil-based, only because I don’t like it when the product is too greasy (my skin is not that dry, anyways). I also do my research whenever I come across a new product. I look for reviews and check on the brand’s background (AGAIN, the product has to be either cruelty-free or vegan).

For several years now, I have been using Himalaya. It’s easy to find (MUSTAFA CENTRE! – They also have a flagship at Harbourfront and certain products available in Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy) and also easy on the wallet. With key ingredients like Aloe Vera and Almond Oil, it has a non-greasy formula that helps to be absorbed into the skin faster.

I also have a lovely little bottle of miracle which I use before applying my makeup and also as part of my nightly regime. It’s homemade by my dear cousin and it’s key ingredients are Argan oil and Rose oil. It not only helps to keep my skin hydrate during the night, it also helps to regenerate, rejuvenate and nourish.

So there you go, it’s really not that complicated to choose the right product for you. But of course, (Disclaimer alert!) these are just my own personal ways for choosing a product. If you have any kind of medical conditions, please do check with your general practitioner.

Until then, stay hydrated ladies!

It’s all about the skin…

In my previous post, I mentioned how important it was to moisturize and also the difference between dry and oily skin. This time I would like to go a little in depth on the topic.

As mentioned before, there are 4 different types of skin – dry, oily, normal & combination.

Dry skin has under-active sebum glands while oily skin has over-active sebum glands. Dry skin tend to look flaky and peeled and sometimes have that over stretched feeling after washing. As for oily skin, it’s the shine. With the over-active sebum glands, your skin will be shining even when you’re indoors.

Those with normal skin are often considered the lucky ones to have glands that produces the right amount of sebum. But because of hormones and also external factors like the weather, normal skin can also go through periods of dryness or over-active sebum glands. Although, the results are not as extreme and acne is rarely an issue.

As for combination skin, there are areas of the face that is oilier than other areas – particularly the forehead, nose and chin – while there are areas that is quite dry – like the cheeks. Combination skin needs to look for skin care that’s specially designed for them and might probably need to pay more attention on the areas that I mentioned.

It might seem a little complicated and troublesome to take note of such matters (which some people consider as trivial), but it’s actually not. As long as you make it a habit to keep your skin clean (with the right cleanser – which I will talk about in my other post) and of course, moisturize and eat healthily regularly, eventually it will all be like clockwork.

If you have any questions or anything else about this, feel free to comment and I will reply you as best as I can. Until then, take care lovelies!

UPDATED: For a full analysis of your skin type, check out this site!

Why should I moisturize?

Being the daughter of a makeup artist (my mum did bridal makeup when I was still running around in diapers), I have always been surrounded by beauty products – colorful eyeshadows, creamy lipsticks and all sorts of creams and lotions. I was also a child performer for school shows and my mum did my makeup for me all the way until I was in around 12 years old. That was when she decided that she can’t be taking time off from work all the time just to doll me up for the stage. So she taught me the basics of putting on a pretty face and she couldn’t emphasize enough on the importance of the moisturizer.

“Remember – you apply it before you apply foundation and right after you wash your face. And just to be safe, you apply it before you sleep as well.”

There was also a technique to applying it – always go upwards towards your hairline. Never pull downwards or go round and round, or else your face will be crisscrossed with wrinkles.

That was one of the many beauty advice that I received from my mother, and until this day, I always try to remember to moisturize. Although, there were days when I was just too tired / too lazy / too drunk (?) to do so. Which I totally regretted the next morning, as my skin ends up feeling so dry, rough and tight, I was afraid that even the slightest movement would cause a crack on my face.

So, why moisturize? Why is it so important?
Does it really help to contribute to good skin?

First we have to understand how the moisturizer works. Our skin has natural oil – produced by tiny glands inside the hair follicle – which helps to sort of protect our skin from viruses and bacteria. It also collects dead skin cells and dirt (Ewwww…). When we wash our face, we are actually removing this layer of oil leaving our skin clean, but unprotected against the elements and irritants that causes premature aging. By applying moisturizer, we give our skin a new (and clean) layer of protection which also keeps it hydrate.

So now we know the importance of it. But what would happen if you decide to go without it and does it really helps maintain a healthy skin?

As we know, there are different types of skin – Dry, Oily, Normal & Combination – but today I will only touch on two.

Dry skin has sebum glands that are under-active, thus not being able to produce enough natural oils. Without the aid of moisturizer, the skin would become very dry and eventually will start flaking, itching and cracking making it red and very sore.

As for Oily skin, the sebum glands are over-active and produces more natural oil than needed which would lead to clogged pores and acne. Therefore it needs a stronger cleanser to remove the oil. But by doing so, the skin would go through periods of time unprotected with extreme dryness. That’s when moisturizer is needed.

So, there you go ladies, a little low-down on the importance of moisturizer. Until then, take care and remember to moisturize!