Brush It Off

Many times I have seen ladies buying brush sets only to realise that out of the 22 brushes, the only brush they know is the Powder brush and the Lip Brush. Even if you are familiar with all the brushes in the set, you only really need a handful in your personal kit. Here is a list of brushes that I would recommend you have.

Stippling Brush

BDellium Tools 955 Stippling Brush


EcoTools Stippling Brush

EcoTools Stippling Brush







One reason why I love the stippling brush is because of its duo-fiber bristles which also makes it a multi-purpose brush as it can be used on liquids, creams and powders. The long fine bristles is great for stippling on liquid and cream foundation and giving that airbrush effect, while the thicker short bristles is great for loose powders and blushers. If there’s only ONE brush that you can get for the face, get this one.

Some might say that it is a hassle having to clean it after every use (especially if you’re using it to apply your foundation, loose powder and blusher), but I disagree. I use a dry tissue paper to remove any excess product before moving on to another – just be sure that you run the brush on the tissue in a circular motion instead of wiping and pulling on the bristles. As this is a personal brush, I’m not that fussy about mixing products. But if you are, you can always keep a brush cleaner handy. I love the one from Sephora.

Eyeshadow Brush/es

Ok, there is no way that one can only have just one eyeshadow brush. If you have been surviving with just one all these while, then I salute you. But try adding 2 more into your collection and it will change your world. Trust me.

Try to have at least 3 eyeshadow brushes – a flat round brush in 2 different sizes and a fluffy brush for blending.

EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo

EcoTools Full Eye Shadow Brush









So why 2 different sizes? Different brush size actually do give a different kind of effect.

  • The Big Flat Brush is use to apply on a bigger area like the base color over your whole lid. It is also usually not as stiff as the smaller brush, giving it a lighter and softer finish.
  • The Small Flat Brush is good for a more detailed application like maybe a darker color at the corner of your eye when you’re using more than one color.
  • The Blending Brush, as what the name suggests, is used for blending. It helps to soften the the colors giving it a natural look.

If you’re not one who wears all the colors of the rainbow of your eyes, then these 3 brushes are all you need to achieve various different looks.

Angled Brush

BDellium Tools 763 Angled Brush

EcoTools Angled Brush








This is another brush that has more than one purpose. You can use it for your eyebrows, eyeliner or even as a lip brush. The angled bristles makes it easy to work with and would give you a very clean line. Perfect for creating the perfect flick for a cat-eye look or the perfect bow for your lips.

Now these are the brushes that I would suggest investing in as a start, especially if you’re on a tight budget. On my next post, I will list down a few brushes that are good to have but not really necessary.

Until then, keep your brushes clean and dry!

NOTE: As you can see I’m only featuring EcoTools & BDellium Tools because these are the two brands that I currently have in my PRO Brush kit and my personal kit. But there are also many other cruelty-free brands in the market that’s worth investing in.