Creating your own makeup kit

If you’ve never been a big fan of makeup, then you would never understand how anyone could have 3 different kinds of foundation, 6 eye shadow palettes and 25 different kinds of lipsticks and lip gloss. But still, you can’t help but feel that tinge of envy knowing that when its time to prettify themselves, they have everything at their fingertips. Not just the knowledge but also the products. So you make the decision to finally get something for yourself only to be overwhelm by the massive amount of products in the market.

What should you get? What do you really need? Is that really important?

Well, I hope this post helps to guide you along on getting started with your own makeup kit.

As with almost everything that needs to be done or bought, setting the right budget is important. With a budget, it helps to narrow down only the important things that you need to get. Once you have determine how much you’re willing to spend, make a list of brands that fits into your budget. Don’t worry about the products for now.

Make a list and Research
Now make a list of things that you would need in your kit. Starting from the necessities. Break them up into categories to make it easier. Once you have done that, take your time to do your research on the products listed, check out YouTube videos, beauty blogs, product reviews. Heard down to your nearest Sephora to test out the products and see if they’re suitable for you. Ask the salesperson for help in comparing them and application. But to make things easier for you, I have done all of that.

Foundation Depending on the type of skin you have and also how much coverage you need / prefer, foundations come in various mediums. There’s the ever popular liquid foundation, stick or cream and also loose pigments.
Loose Powder Loose powder is used to set your foundation, especially if you’re using a liquid or a stick foundation. If you’re a natural klutz (like me), then you might want to consider getting a pressed powder instead.
Color Corrector / Concealer This is one of those few products that is often overlooked. But if you know the right way of applying it, then you would save a lot on foundation.
Blusher / Bronzer Just like the foundation, blushers and bronzers also comes in various types.
Eyebrow Pencil I find that a pencil is the easiest to work, with despite the current trend to use powders and wax. But just like your color pencils, press too hard and the color will come out strong.
Eyeliner My favorite kind of eyeliner is the liquid kind. But I prefer the ones that comes with a brush applicator rather than the pen. There are also eyeliner pencils and gels. I don’t really like working with gels because they don’t seem to work on my skin.
Mascara Here’s another tricky product. It’s tricky to put on and also to remove. It comes in different size applicators and also formulas. There’s one to extend your lashes, one to fluff, one to thicken and one that would make people question if you stole Mr. Snuffleupagus’s lashes.
Eye shadow Palette I think this is the most fun product and also the most complicated. Eye shadow palettes comes in compact tri-colored cases and also in large 88 – 120 colored palettes. If you’re new to makeup, don’t stress yourself. Stick to the smaller palettes. You can always get more in the future.
Lipstick / Lip-gloss These two products are the most no-brainer products. Or is it? Back when they were first made, there was only one color. Red. But now, you can find pretty much any color in the spectrum and its actually a trend to wear a color that doesn’t really suit your skin. But if you’re not into it, then just stick to neutrals.
Lip Pencil I personally don’t use a lip pencil. It’s not my favorite item, but there are times I wish I had it. Lip pencils are used to line your lips before applying your lipstick. It also helps to prevent your lipstick from bleeding. When applied properly, it can change the shape of your mouth, either making it look smaller or bigger.

So now that you have figured out what you would need to have in your kit, it’s time to shop!

I hope you find this post helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. I will be doing a post on how to choose the right foundation for your skin and also how to use a color corrector and concealer. Stay tuned!

Until then, take care!