Sea View Wedding

Hello lovelies!

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. I’m sorry for being quiet the past few days. Work has been hectic and pulling the long hours had taken a toll on me.

Anyways, yesterday was the wedding of one of my dearest girlfriend. I came across her Instagram profile during my early journey through fitness. I was in awe of her dedication and motivation (I suppose it helps that her other half is a Personal Trainer) and honestly, I was even more amazed with the fact that she works out in a hijab. We became fast friends with similar interest in fitness, mannerisms and weird sense of humor. She opened my eyes to a whole new world of fitness and has helped me stayed on track all these while. She made me realise that its ok to be a lazy fit person and indulge in the occasional cupcake…or cupcakes. Lol!

The wedding was held at Gurame Indonesian Restaurant all the way in the East (I’m in the West). We were blessed with a beautiful weather the whole day, despite the slight haze (which actually helped camouflaged the several big container ships in the background).




Not one who is concerned too much about the frills of a wedding, she sure did look comfortable in the 3 outfits that she wore yesterday. I was invited not only as a guest, but also as one of the bridesmaid (a HUGE honor definitely!) but considering that I was already in the 30th week, I was assigned to the reception table where I wouldn’t have to walk around so much.

The theme of the wedding was simple enough – Pastels. Now, I’m not exactly a huge fan of pastel, as I know it doesn’t really suit my skin that well. But I suppose I managed to pull it off, with a little help from my all-time favorite – Black.



Makeup was a simple smokey with a little pastel shimmer from Lime Crime’s Aquataenia palette, I paired it with my new Too Faced Melted Liquidfied Metal which indeed lasted the whole day, but it made my dry lips pretty obvious (my lips were pretty dry to begin with because of the pregnancy). But I love that its light and not sticky.

20150912_102323 20150912_102322

Well, congratulations to the happy couple once again. Wishing you both lots of love and happiness! Enjoy your honeymoon! ❤ ❤ ❤


Until then dearies, take care!

PS. Yes, that is my dearest hubby by my side. =D


That Convertible Dress

Last night was date night with the hubby. It’s been a long while since we had a date night. It was just a simple dinner at Manhattan Fishmarket (we had coupons! Hehehe…) and drinks after. But I sorta pulled all the stops in as it’s been awhile since I dressed up. (Eid doesn’t count cuz its mandatory to dress up for Eid. Heh.)

Anyways, as I am a fairly new Hijabi, my wardrobe don’t really have that much suitable outfit. I suppose I’m all set in the casual/daily department but not in the special occasions department. And throw in a 6 months pregnant belly, it just makes things a little complicated.

Thank God I found my purple convertible maxi dress. Its a multi-way dress that can be worn in….well, multiple ways! My bridesmaids wore this dress for my wedding dinner and there was an extra piece (one of the original bridesmaids backed out at the last minute), so I decided to keep it for myself. Good thing I did! Simply paired it up with a black long sleeves top and I’m all set!

20150825_223708 20150825_223805

It was comfortable and fuss free. The material is stretchy spandex but it was pretty lightweight. The skirt got caught on my feet a few times but that was because I was wearing sequined flats. I bought it online from MyLittleBow for $36. They have a whole collection of this dress featuring different colours and length and comes with a choice of with a tube top or without.

I know that this dress is nothing new but even years after it was first released, I see people still wearing it. If there’s one dress that you simply MUST HAVE in your wardrobe, it would be this one. Get them in multiple colours and length, its great for any occasions and will stay with you through the years….even maternity!

As for my hijab, it was a regular black pashmina shawl. I bought it a long time ago for $10 from one of those push carts at Bugis Junction and my crisscross ninja inner is also $10 from Zara’s Closetz.

And here are pictures of my makeup that accompanied the outfit.

20150825_190526 20150825_190532 20150825_190543 20150825_190545

Products used:

  • Illamasqua Hydra Veil
  • Illamasqua Pressed Powder Foundation – #215
  • Illamasqua Powder Eye Shadow – Vernau (for contouring)
  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – Creme Brulee, Candied Violet, Black Forest Truffle & Champagne Truffle)
  • Everyday Minerals Lucent Powder – Wet Sand (Discontinued)
  • Everyday Minerals Blush – Glam Guru (Discontinued)
  • Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss – Belladonna

Until then, be glamourous always!

I just found out that the two Everyday Minerals items have been discontinued. I emailed in to ask for a close replacement and they recommend their new All-over Shimmers or the Pear Finishing Dust which are available in a 7 Piece Sample Kit if you’d like to try all the shades. As for the Glam Guru, you can try the All Smiles blush